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Welcome to Curtiss-Wright Nuclear Online NSA Database

Nova Services & Applications is a consulting organization specializing in turnkey inventory identification and standardization projects for power generation facilities. NSA provides procurement engineering services, procurement specifications, and innovative supply chain services in conjunction with Nova Machine Products Corporation, Curtiss-Wright Nuclear. For more information on Nova Services or Nova Machine Products, please visit our web sites using the links provided.

With Nova's Online Database you can:

· View your inventory items identified by Nova Services

· View other site's items (with permission)

· Locate alternate and duplicate items

· View photos of special fasteners

· View drawings of Reverse Engineered items

· Search the data by stock code, part number, and other fields 

In order to access the Nova Online Database, you must have a valid User ID and Password. Access to your site information requires that a Fastener Identification Project has been performed by Nova. Access to other sites information requires that those sites have given permission for their information to be shared.